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Perform routine actions in one click! Stop typing the same text over and over again! Now you don't
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19 February 2008

Editor's review

Now you would not be required to perform all the functions by selecting the menu items with mouse or opening the programs again and again. How? Its easy, what you need to do is to get the Comfort Keys 2.1 software and install it at your PC. The software helps you to set the different hotkeys for various programs to enable you to access them quickly. The program can be learnt by anyone within minutes as its features are rather convenient to use. Once you configure it, you would not be required to keep on moving your hands from the keyboard to the mouse.

Comfort Keys 2.1 software when launched shows up with the Initial Setup Wizard for setting the hotkeys and to see the already set ones. It would show a set of features; first one is for selecting the language your feel convenient to work with. You can make the selection of the type of the keyboard you want to be displayed with the program. Make the selection for the keyboard shortcut settings showing the option to Set Control Keys. For the key blocking in a full screen mode you can enable both left and right side win keys. You can use the language switcher demo to know how the Templates Manager and the Clipboard Manager works. You can customize the program with the help of the Options feature that appears with the right click at the program icon in the system tray. You can set new shortcuts with the Keyboard Shortcuts Settings; it shows the onscreen keyboard and the combination, and action setting option on the lower part of the screen. You can get the list of shortcuts printed and open the additional settings. You can use the right click options for performing various functions. The software eases your work by providing with so many shortcuts that would help you to do the work at a faster speed. The Help option assists you to perform all the functions comfortably.

Comfort Keys 2.1 software is rated at an appreciable score of 4 rating points for making working with keyboard convenient and helping save both your energy and time. Further its well thought out features and easy setup options also adds to its repute.

Publisher's description

Discover how to perform any routine action in one click!
Stop typing the same text over and over again! Now you don't need to go through numerous menus to find the necessary program or web page. With this new generation hotkey manager you can leave your mouse alone and configure hotkeys for all of your actions - just like real pro's do.
Comfort Keys will allow you to:
+ Launch the necessary programs and open web pages by pressing a single hotkey.
+ Insert predefined texts (email templates, signatures, passwords, greetings, phone numbers, addresses, etc.) using hotkeys or the built-in template manager.
+ Change the language and case of the typed text.
+ Control the sound volume in a quick and convenient manner.
+ Record key press sequences and play them back as many times as you need.
+ Block some keys or simulate the press of a specific key when another one is pressed.
+ And much more.
We made sure you always have a hotkey guide at hand by integrating a fully functional on-screen keyboard showing all the available hotkeys.
We also wanted to make your work simpler and more efficient by integrating several useful tools into Comfort Keys:
+ A clipboard manager.
+ Text and graphic templates manager.
+ An enhanced application switching window.
+ A current language flag which is always located next to the text cursor and helps determine the currently used language.
+ A history window for the previously launched applications with an ability to quick-launch them again.
Comfort Keys
Comfort Keys
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